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Commuting By Bike To Work Everyday For 1 Month | The Good & Bad

I recently started a new job here in Japan and decided that I would commute to work by bike everyday. It's 20km each way, so 40km a day, 200km a week, and ...

2019-06-05 18:4 120,037 YouTube

E Bike Vs Car: The Commute Challenge | Which Is Best For Getting To Work?

Chris loves riding his electric mountain bike to work, but is it better than using his car to commute? He timed how long it took to ride his EMTB to the office and ...

2019-08-04 15:21 42,250 YouTube

How to commute by bike whatever the weather | Commute Smart

Rain or shine discover how to keep riding to and from work whatever the weather.

2017-03-20 4:59 79,746 YouTube featuring The Commute Cycle Cafe, Ilkley

What a fab place for both cyclists and non cyclists! Great coffee, social bike rides in the glorious Dales, amazing cake - what more do you want?!

2017-10-16 5:27 210 YouTube

Make It Count | Get The Most Out Of Your Commute On An E-Bike

The end of the weekend doesn't have to mean the end of your riding. Why not try commuting to work on your electric mountain bike, get up earlier and adding in ...

2019-01-13 8:5 24,661 YouTube

Think your commute to work was bad? Probably not this bad

Mumbai's local trains carry more than eight million people a day.They are also among the world’s most overcrowded trains and tourists to India are cautioned n...

2018-01-09 02:35 45 Dailymotion

South Western Railway strike: stranded passengers at Earlsfield station in London

Stranded passengers wait at Earlsfield station to get on a packed train as South Western Railway cancelled services due to strike action.Local media reported th...

2019-12-03 01:11 21 Dailymotion

Book Review Tuesday: The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner

Idea Factory - All about Bell Labs by Jon Gertner, such a great read! Learning about all the discoveries from that time period and how they came about at bell ....

2018-07-14 03:56 9 Dailymotion

Long commutes make people fat and depressed

The aggravation of a bad commute could be hurting your health big time. People who commute a long way are found to typically have more fat, sleep less and be le...

2015-06-24 01:07 22 Dailymotion

Rambling on a Bike - Learning Electronics, Arduino, and Why I stopped spitting

Some updates on things I have been interested in. Arduino is super neat in what it can do ( Great Starter kit on amazon: ......

2018-07-31 01:44 269 Dailymotion