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Trump Refuses To Criticize Saudi Arabia's 'Mr. Bonesaw'

Donald Trump is showing Saudi Arabia that alleged human rights violations will be met with... well...praise? Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: ...

2018-10-18 4:5 875,705 YouTube

Don't Question President Trump's Science Instincts

James Corden looks at the news of the day including President Trump touting his instincts for science and Canada's nationwide legalization taking effect.

2018-10-18 4:27 80,856 YouTube

Trump Brags About His 'Natural Instinct For Science'

Donald Trump dusted off a favorite phrase while discussing climate changing, saying there are scientists 'on both sides.' Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel ...

2018-10-18 4:50 1,485,800 YouTube

Trump postal treaty exit will ease strain on US shippers: Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro, director of the White House Trade Council, says President Trump's decision to exit the Universal Postal Union will benefit American ...

2018-10-17 10:23 36,688 YouTube

President Donald Trump’s Natural Instinct For Science | All In | MSNBC

Donald Trump's uncle was a scientist. He didn't talk to his uncle about climate change but he knows what scientists think. Because he has a natural instinct for ...

2018-10-18 2:37 16,152 YouTube

Trading on Trump

Donald Trump's election victory sparked a rally in the US stock market that took almost everyone by surprise. Why? John Authers investigates, and asks whether t...

2018-10-19 04:27 6,949 Dailymotion

Mexico suffers the Trump effect | Short View

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: FT's Dan McCrum explains how the US Republican nominee might be responsible for some...

2018-10-19 02:30 4,201 Dailymotion

Trump greets released North Korean detainees

► Read - American detainees in North Korea en route to US was freed while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on a visit to P...

2018-10-19 01:04 4,111 Dailymotion

Trump loses suit in Nevada

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Nevada judge has rejected a Trump request for voting records at a polling station his ...

2018-10-19 01:12 4,229 Dailymotion

Cruz beats Trump in Iowa, Russia lines up privatisations | FirstFT

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: de la Mare provides Tuesday’s top stories, with Ted Cruz defeating Donald Trump i...

2018-10-19 01:05 8,734 Dailymotion