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Ex-CIA chief on Trump-Putin summit: I feel sick

Retired CIA Chief of Russia Operations Steve Hall discusses the meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin.

2018-07-20 7:11 251,454 YouTube

Queen Elizabeth Threw Major Shade at Donald Trump

When Trump landed in England last week, Queen Elizabeth was seen wearing a brooch a necklace that was given to her by the Obamas. It may not seem like a ...

2018-07-19 1:43 140,007 YouTube

Trump says he'd hold Russian President Putin accountable for election meddling

CBSN political contributors Caitlin Huey-Burns, Michael Graham and Lynda Tran join CBSN's "Red & Blue" to discuss President Trump's latest comments on ...

2018-07-19 23:43 53,799 YouTube

Trump: I hold Putin responsible for election meddling

In an interview with CBS News, President Donald Trump says he told Russian President Vladimir Putin, "We can't have meddling."

2018-07-18 6:4 52,506 YouTube

Trump reveals what he discussed with Putin in Helsinki

In an exclusive interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor, President Trump publicly blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for Russian meddling in ...

2018-07-18 7:59 107,978 YouTube

President Trump meets with Queen Elizabeth

President Trump met with Queen Elizabeth today during a visit to Windsor Castle. The meeting came amid large anti-Trump protests in the UK. CBSN royal contribut...

2018-07-13 06:43 12,780 Dailymotion

Donald Trump admet l'ingérence des Russes dans la présidentielle 2016

Le président américain Donald Trump a tenté mardi une opération incertaine de limitation des dégâts causés par sa rencontre avec Vladimir Poutine, revena...

2018-07-17 01:10 21,317 Dailymotion

Son Dakika! Helsinki'de Kritik Zirve Sonrası Konuşan Trump: Muhteşem Şeyler Yapacağız

Son dakika...Trump ve Putin'in Helsinki'de bir araya geldiği zirve sona erdi. Trump, "Muhteşem şeyler yapacağız" derken Putin, "ABD seçimlerine asla karı...

2018-07-16 04:16 4,574 Dailymotion

Ingérence russe : la volte-face de Donald Trump - JT TVL 18 juillet 2018

1) International / Ingérence russe : la volte-face de Donald TrumpDeux jours après la rencontre idyllique entre Donald Trump et Vladimir Poutine à Helsinki, ...

2018-07-18 17:03 8,529 Dailymotion

Saludo breve entre Sánchez y Trump en Bruselas


2018-07-12 00:22 30,784 Dailymotion