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Wong Chung Man Sifu

Wong Chung Man Sifu in Germany 2016 Sifu Raymond Wong was in germany the first two weeks of june and taught everyday at the bo faat mo gwoon. It was his ...

2016-10-27 3:22 1,857 YouTube

洪拳王仲文師傅 - Raymond Wong Chung Man Sifu Sifu Raymond Wong is 61 years this year but he is still very active in Hong Kong. All the footage was filmed at one weekend ...

2016-03-22 2:49 2,954 YouTube

Wong Chung Man Sifu, Sap ying kuen

Wong Chung Man Sifu: Sap ying kuen - first half Kowloon park, Kung fu corner, 11. 10. 2015.

2015-10-18 4:27 2,851 YouTube

洪家拳 - 王仲文師父 Hung Gar Kuen - Wong Chung Man Sifu 2017 with nearly 63 years of age Wong Sifu is still very active in HongKong , these are snippets from his performances at several ...

2017-10-23 1:54 1,276 YouTube

虎鶴雙形拳 Wong Chun Man sifu

demo by Wong Sifu.

2011-08-09 1:53 5,938 YouTube

Ip Man The Final Fight Official Trailer (2013) HD Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Gillian Chung To browse through the latest trailers, visit To watch 100s of trailers, please visit our website http://trail...

2013-07-30 02:06 18,156 Dailymotion

"Around the World in 80 Days" (1956) Trailer Nobre inglês aceita uma milionária aposta e tem que dar a volta ao planeta em exatamente 80 dias. Ele ...

2014-08-01 04:17 39,971 Dailymotion

Shaolin Soccer (2001) -- American Trailer Sing (Stephen Chow) é um devoto do kung fu Shaolin que possui um poderoso chute. Após ser descoberto por um técnico de...

2014-08-06 01:50 10,555 Dailymotion

master wong touch hands with Wing Chun sifu fernandez | Wing Chun

master wong touch hands with Wing Chun sifu fernandez | Wing ChunSubscribe for more videos, click here: Wong meets Sif...

2019-02-21 15:26 32 Dailymotion