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Anon Kanon

【AnonKanon】Magical Symmetry【Original MV】

From NicoNico Original: sm24452865 It is tilt-six. It is heart one with two bodies. I like. We used is second to none this time electro tracks with flashy new vocaloid ...

2014-09-12 3:55 154,122 YouTube

八王子P「Heart Chrome feat. 杏音鳥音」Music Video

八王子P「Heart Chrome feat. 杏音鳥音」のMVです。 杏音鳥音デモソングのフルバージョンになります。 ニコ動版はこちら→

2014-04-25 4:10 682,805 YouTube

【杏音鳥音/Anon Kanon】アンドロメダ幼稚園/Andromeda Kindergarten【Cover】

Re-uploading some of my old works from nicovid* ※過去にニコニコであげたものです※ Original Song ( ) By Pista ...

2018-03-02 3:3 35,357 YouTube

[Anon & Kanon] Magnet

Bueno eh echo este cover me costo y espero que les guste!!! Dioss Me Costoo muchoo asique pleasee no sean malosss Kanji か細い火が 心の端に灯る ...

2014-02-21 3:58 86,653 YouTube

【Anon • Kanon】 劣等上等 (BRING IT ON) 【Vocaloid Cover】

Anon and Kanon are still very cute and they sound great with EDM music~ ☆Notices☆ *With the release of Vocaloid 5, It's time for a change... so I changed my ...

2018-08-02 3:56 2,467 YouTube

【anon y kanon】 senbonzakura

【anon y kanon】 senbonzakura...

2015-08-14 04:12 18 Dailymotion

[VOCALOID COVER] Magnet [Anon & Kanon]

[VOCALOID COVER] Magnet [Anon & Kanon]...

2015-08-14 04:02 16 Dailymotion



2015-07-16 02:51 24 Dailymotion

Noushou Sakuretsu Girl - Anon y Kanon

Noushou Sakuretsu Girl - Anon y Kanon...

2015-06-24 03:11 27 Dailymotion

【Anon & Kanon】 Magical Symmetry (Fandub Español) 【Iris14alicante】

【Anon & Kanon】 Magical Symmetry (Fandub Español) 【Iris14alicante】...

2015-08-01 03:55 35 Dailymotion