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Alterraun Verner Pick Six UCLA vs. California

UCLA Bruin football player Alterraun Verner intercepts Nate Longshore and returns it for a touchdown as UCLA beats Cal 30-21 at the Rose Bowl.

2008-10-16 2:22 11,226 YouTube

Malachy Verner | California

riders instagram : his sponsor : filmer and editors instagram ...

2018-04-07 1:44 1,532 YouTube

Alterraun Verner Gets Emotional After Interception | Seahawks vs. Buccaneers | NFL

Just two days after the passing of his father, Alterraun Verner picked off Russell Wilson during the Buccaneers incredible win over the Seattle Seahawks.

2016-11-28 1:23 22,941 YouTube

Alterraun Verner's game-winning interception/td against Cal

Alterraun Verner intercepts Nate Longshore for a 76 yard interception return to clinch UCLA's upset victory against the California Golden Bears.

2007-10-25 2:10 32,152 YouTube

How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever | Verne Troyer

Have you guys ever had a peanut butter and jelly toast with an over-easy egg? I swear, it makes the best sandwich in the world. I'm going to take you to the ...

2017-03-13 8:13 4,116,120 YouTube

Bernard-Henri Lévy face à Guillaume Erner (France Inter)


2011-02-13 59:35 2,567 Dailymotion

Guillaume Erner : "Poutine, par son parcours parcours, a infiniment plus le sens du tragique"

Un livre pour l'été - Guillaume Erner...

2016-06-21 01:48 59 Dailymotion

David Abiker Vs Erner Round 3


2006-10-12 08:44 333 Dailymotion

Le Match des Victimes : Abiker VS Erner

Face à Face, pour un duel fratricide, deux chroniqueurs belliqueux de France Inter, leur ring "la société des victimes" !...

2006-10-10 05:20 450 Dailymotion

Guillaume Erner - Université Accueil Populations 2008

Guillaume Erner - Université Accueil Populations 2008...

2015-09-12 06:20 6 Dailymotion