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Biggest BATMAN Adventure HUNT! Find The BAT Cave + Toy SURPRISES Scavenger Clues with HobbyKidsTV

Go on a mini adventure journey with the HobbyKids! Climb Tarantula Hill and find several clues to Batman's awesome Bat Cave. So much fun along the way.

2016-09-17 41:16 20,048,873 YouTube

Play-Doh Super Hero Surprise Eggs TOYS Batman Superman DC Comics by HobbyKidsTV

HobbyKidsTV presents Play-Doh Super Hero Surprise Eggs Batman Superman. See HobbyDad open up mister play-doh surprise egg men to revile some of the ...

2014-06-19 7:49 1,217,898 YouTube

World's BIGGEST BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Surprise Egg! Dawn of Justice Family Fun Games HobbyKidsTV

This idea created by HobbyKidsTV. See HobbyPig, HobbyFrog and HobbyBear are in their bedroom to find the best toy surprises in the worlds biggest most ...

2016-02-24 11:19 10,468,363 YouTube

Batman Imaginext Mega Box Opening Play-Doh Egg Surprise Joker Clayface Penguin Catwoman

HobbyKidsTV presents The Mega Box Opening of Batman Imaginext Batman and Villans with a Surprise Play-Doh Batman Head. Watch HobbyDad and ...

2014-06-10 16:19 17,263,598 YouTube

NEW IMAGINEXT Batman Toys Transforming Cave+Car! Blind Surprise Boxes By HobbyKidsTV

Batman Wants New Imaginext Toys After Hulk Smashes Lego Cave This idea created by HobbyKidsTV. Click here to Subscribe: ...

2015-06-28 22:57 8,841,912 YouTube

World Tech Toys Joker DC Comic Helicopter For Kids

World Tech Toys Joker DC Comic Helicopter For Kids\rSee my other youtube videos here:\rDinosaurs Toys For Kids, Toys Dinosaur For Children\r Shark Toys For Kids...

2016-10-06 01:00 0 Dailymotion

Hobby kids toys we hide


2017-05-30 04:47 13 Dailymotion

M&Ms Candy Surprise Toys Hello Kitty Spongebob Minion toys M&M Toys Hide Hobby Kids

M&M Surprise Toys For Children Many fun surprise M&M toys for kids playing with spongebob M&Ms hide & Seek game surprise Hello kitty and Surprise toys. These ar...

2016-11-27 28:30 0 Dailymotion