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What Happened to the Giant Hovercraft SR-N4? - The Concorde of the Seas

They were once known as the 'Concorde of the Seas': mighty flying boats that ferried their passengers with speed and style. Hovercraft was a symbol of national ...

2017-09-08 9:16 1,840,088 YouTube

Hovercraft - Ultimate Amphibious Machine

Subscribe to Naked Science - Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare... This machine breaks ...

2015-03-25 52:2 1,588,717 YouTube

This is hovercraft racing - Team Friuli

This is hovercraft racing, Follow Team Friuli as they glide over water and land competing in the Italian national championship and European Championship.

2015-05-01 4:39 319,201 YouTube

Build Your Own Hovercraft | I Didn't Know That

Have you always wanted to own a hovercraft but can't afford one? Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips might have the answer. Learn how you can build your ...

2013-04-08 2:48 798,973 YouTube

U.S. Navy Hovercraft In Action

The hovercraft is a Landing Craft Air Cushioned - LCAC - used by the U.S. Navy for amphibious operations. They transport weapons, equipment, and people ...

2014-03-12 1:28 65,671 YouTube

Early Hovercraft Toy

Dating from 1991, this is quite an early example of a hovercraft toy. The design is quite nice, with the power unit just having a push fit into the base, which ...

2015-01-27 00:48 2,226 Dailymotion

Un inventeur a créé son propre hovercraft à l'aide des drones.

L'inventeur anonyme suédois crée des machines incroyables à partir des objets de la vie quotidienne et publie les résultats sur sa chaîne YouTube Des proje...

2017-06-29 00:31 11 Dailymotion

hovercraft engine test 2

hovercraft engine test 2...

2015-04-24 00:22 252 Dailymotion

Profielwerkstuk Remote Control Hovercraft

Profielwerkstuk Remote Control Hovercraft...

2015-07-20 05:18 6 Dailymotion