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Travelling the Martial World - South Western Guangdong (Village) Hung Kuen

For more information about Hung Kuen visit us: Often known as Village Hung Kuen, Zhanjiang (Tsamgong) Hung Kuen, ...

2016-10-10 15:16 12,184 YouTube

The world of hung kuen Documentary eng.subs. (part 1) PART 2 Translation by Virktor Nordgren subtitles by Frank Bolte I tried to ...

2015-02-02 11:10 80,829 YouTube

Shaolin Hung Kuen

Dies ist ein Imagefilm für die Shaolin Kampfkunst Schule Hung Kuen in Wesel unter der Leitung von Bruno Dorp. Er zeigt neben verschiedenen Techniken des ...

2011-03-30 3:38 14,114 YouTube

GM Chiu Chi Lin demonstrating a Hung Kuen Form

GM Chiu Chi Lin demonstrating a Hung Kuen Form in Kowloon park Hong Kong Official association and school webpages of ...

2010-09-17 6:1 36,349 YouTube

Hung Kuen Demonstration

This video contains sample footage's from the Hung Kuen style of Gung Fu. Empty hand and weapon forms, along with their practical applications are ...

2014-03-11 1:57 3,058 YouTube