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Hungkuen 洪拳

Master Mak Chi Kong showing Hungkar Kungfu

2006-09-29 5:29 109,272 YouTube

洪拳馬步 Hung Kuen Stances

若要功夫好先要馬步好! Good Kung Fu comes from good stances. In this video I'll share six different Hung Gar stances.

2019-05-22 2:22 387 YouTube

The world of hung kuen Documentary eng.subs. (part 1) PART 2 Translation by Virktor Nordgren subtitles by Frank Bolte I tried to ...

2015-02-02 11:10 90,063 YouTube

3rd Hung Kuen Competition November 2018 in Foshan China

3rd Hung Kuen Competition November 2018 Foshan China.

2018-12-21 10:38 445 YouTube

Hung Kuen master demonstrates his craft

Hung Kuen is a Chinese martial arts style made famous by kung fu legend Wong Fei-hung. In this video, Oscar Lam Chuen-ho, 28, son of Hung Kuen master ...

2013-05-20 2:13 38,553 YouTube