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Janessa Brazil

Janessa: Brazilian Lullaby

Summer recital 2011: Brazilian lullaby (Savios)

2011-06-16 1:11 411 YouTube

Memorial service for Janessa at Cornerstone

A memorial service for Janessa Ramirez was held at Cornerstone Church Saturday.

2015-01-25 1:20 7,606 YouTube

Janessa's b-day part 2

Janessa is blowing her candle but she coudn't do it so Jiana did it for her...

2009-07-16 3:21 829 YouTube


Hey y'all ! Just a QUICK disclaimer, My haiiirrrrr, Lets pray for it lol... I didn't feel like doing much at all to it! Bare with me! I just want y'all to know that I love ...

2017-05-29 4:17 3,734 YouTube

My Life created by: Janessa

Hey guys I just wanted to do this for fun since this is my 1st video ever. And the picture of the man that u saw my uncle drew it.

2013-07-02 0:21 105 YouTube

Janessa Brazil SlideShow | Most Pics Use By Scammers


2015-10-25 03:18 7,411 Dailymotion

Janessa Brazil


2016-01-22 00:21 2,089 Dailymotion | Janessa Brazil Romance Scammer

Fake Accounts with stolen images from Janessa Brazil. More info about scam and frod here

2015-06-26 03:18 4,512 Dailymotion

How to fold Origami Rose of Janessa 摺紙玫瑰花教學 ( Kade Chan )

Paper : PACK MIXT VOG - 8 SHEETS - 64X64 CM (25.2X25.2)\r\r\rStart from zero tutorial : \r\rOrigami Rose of Janessa\rDesigned by : Chan Pak Hei , Kade 2007\rAll...

2018-01-10 08:37 0 Dailymotion

Janessa Contemporary Colorblock MultiColor Scatter Mat Rug 2 x 3

Buy from : Janessa Contemporary Colorblock MultiColor Scatter Mat Rug 2 x 3Product ...

2018-05-22 00:08 0 Dailymotion