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Jon Pertwee Audios

Doctor Who CD/Big Finish Collection 2018

Hello and welcome to my Doctor Who Big Finish Collection for 2018 to celebrate my channel being 7 years old hope you enjoy!

2018-07-28 49:44 4,461 YouTube


Tim Treloar Showreel - Tim Treloar on Twitter - @TimTreloar99 Tim Treloar on Facebook - BE SURE TO ...

2015-07-09 16:2 2,112 YouTube

Episode 6 - Journey To Oblivion

The Doctor and Sam end up falling through a black hole. but come across something they never expected to find. Can The Doctor and Sam escape and stop ...

2015-07-30 10:29 198 YouTube

Doctor who the audios part 1: audio visuals

A picure show exploreing the doctor who audios.

2007-06-14 1:15 963 YouTube

Classic Doctor Who DVDs - How Different is my Collection to Yours? 3rd Dr Edition!

Did you know that Classic Doctor Who DVD collections look different depending where you are in the world? Today I show you what the doctor who dvd ...

2017-08-05 7:56 1,109 YouTube

Doctor Who • Jon Pertwee • 1970 - 1974 (B)

Second générique de la période Jon Pertwee...

2009-02-14 00:30 1,148 Dailymotion

Doctor Who: the third doctor (Jon Pertwee)

It's the third month and the third video and the third doctor but i will create a new video wich won't with the fourth doctor but "the doctor meet himself". fo...

2014-03-20 01:02 580 Dailymotion

Doctor Who: Inferno Clip-Jon Pertwee voice on radio!


2012-07-26 00:36 715 Dailymotion

Doctor Who Jon Pertwee Opening Titles (2)


2016-04-17 00:30 78 Dailymotion

Jon Pertwee Tribute

Tribute to the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee....

2009-05-26 01:16 1,056 Dailymotion