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Kungfu In HongKong

Hong Kong: Preserving the vanishing art of Kung Fu

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is one of the world's fastest growing sports. But in Hong Kong, they're trying to preserve one of the oldest. Many forms of Kung Fu ...

2017-01-30 2:20 16,910 YouTube

Hong Kong Kungfu Corner 2003

About the Grand Celebrations! Join the Hong Kong Kungfu Celebrations dating back to the 1950s! Watch for Free! More than 100 different videos featuring ...

2018-04-11 58:17 366 YouTube

kung fu in hongkong mtr😂

2018-09-20 0:31 206 YouTube

Young wing chun master on a mission to keep kung fu relevant in Hong Kong

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Patrick Hsu, a young Hong Kong wing chun instructor thinks kung fu is more ...

2018-12-13 2:3 51,321 YouTube

معركة الحفاظ على الكونغ فو التقليدية في هونغ كونغ

أدت موجة الأفلام لبطل رياضة الكونغ فو، ييب مان، الذي علم بروس لي، الى تزايد الاهتمام في ...

2011-12-05 02:25 1,048 Dailymotion

Hong Kong marks anniversary of Bruce Lee's death

Hailed as cinema's first martial arts hero and a cinematic bridge between the cultures of East and West, Bruce Lee helped put Hong Kong on the movie world map. ...

2013-07-20 02:38 175 Dailymotion

Man performs gymnastic routine, pull-ups and headstand on Hong Kong train

All the world's a stage, this man believed – as he showcased an intricate performance routine on a train in Hong Kong.In the video, the man can be seen liftin...

2018-09-19 04:37 26 Dailymotion

Battle to preserve Hong Kong's traditional kung fu

A rash of movies about the kung fu master who taught Bruce Lee have led to an upsurge in interest in the martial art in Hong Kong -- including many foreign stud...

2011-12-05 02:26 144 Dailymotion