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Lego Zombie

Lego Zombie: The Outbreak

A lego brickfilm stop-motion about a laboratory far away from society , scientists tried to create an new biological weapon, but things don't go as planned.

2016-10-14 13:6 16,393,477 YouTube

Lego Zombie World War Z - Full Story

This movie is the story of two kids in the World War Z. An unknown infection causes a war all over the world between humans and zombies. Survivor's named it ...

2019-03-30 16:13 612,985 YouTube

Lego McDonald's Zombie Invasion

Problem occurs at the LEGO city McDonald's when a invasion of zombies show up, In this funny LEGO stop motion animation video.

2019-03-24 2:9 617,644 YouTube

Lego Zombie Attack

Welcome to the channel Lekins. Hello dear friends today you will see a very cool cartoon about zombies. Lego Zombie Attack.

2019-01-08 3:46 10,338,655 YouTube

LEGO Zombie Mini Figure : LEGO Collectible Zombie Figure (86 - A review by The Brick Show of the LEGO Zombie figure from the collectible mini figures, series 1. LEGO 8...

2010-06-14 00:28 707 Dailymotion

Lego United States Prison Break - The Zombie Police - Lego Game Hd

Google Lego United States Prison Break - The Zombie Police - Lego Game Hd...

2019-01-29 04:12 9 Dailymotion

The Lego Zombie Attack and Police for Kids - Lego Game Hd

The guy went to the Hospital, But trouble Happened to him, something happened to him and he turned into a Zombie, he would infect everyone or the Police would b...

2019-02-02 09:46 20 Dailymotion

Left 4 Dead 2 ★ LEGO TOWN ZOMBIES ★ Custom Zombies

Dumb and Dumber, Minecraft Masters of Sky Island Survival maps, mods like Hexxit & Tekkit, and more. Also enjoy custom Zombies in Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead 2....

2014-02-02 21:12 1,717 Dailymotion

레고 플랜츠 앤 좀비 미이라 좀비 YG짝퉁 Mummy Zombie 피규어 lego Plants vs zombies 2

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2014-12-29 05:52 394 Dailymotion