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2009-03-11 3:8 56,985 YouTube

Marimer Blocked Nose

Our nose, our primary bacterial filter, is exposed to many attacks. After entering the mucosa cells, the attacker multiplies. This is how the 1st signs of a blocked ...

2016-09-09 0:31 17,475 YouTube

Using Stérimar™ Nasal Spray: Top Tips

Stérimar is one of the UK's leading decongestant nasal sprays. In this video we've put together a visual guide explaining how to use our Stérimar spray for adults ...

2014-07-17 4:33 158,844 YouTube

Marie-Mai - Différents (Vidéoclip officiel)

2013-09-09 3:56 3,317,407 YouTube

Cómo usar el spray nasal?

Es importante tener las medidas adecuadas para usar las ayudar que tenemos y no lastimar al bebé o los niños.

2018-03-14 1:40 40,766 YouTube

Marimer isotonique


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