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Oscar Lam

Hung GA Tiger and Crane by Oscar Lam

Lam Chuen Ho performing Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun. De tijger-kraanvogelset door Lam Chuen Ho, Hongkong 2011. Voor Hung Ga in Nederland kan je terecht ...

2016-02-28 1:20 2,355 YouTube

Hung Kuen master demonstrates his craft

Hung Kuen is a Chinese martial arts style made famous by kung fu legend Wong Fei-hung. In this video, Oscar Lam Chuen-ho, 28, son of Hung Kuen master ...

2013-05-20 2:13 35,347 YouTube

Master Oscar Lam Stick Sequence 3fps 4k

2012-11-25 1:24 793 YouTube

Great Grand Master : Lam Chun Fai, Oscar Lam and Sifu Don Hamby.Tid Sin Kuen

Si-Gung Lam Chun Fai was featured in the 20012 Documentary,The Black Kung Fu Experience in the Martial Art. Starring: Sifu Don Hamby Produce by: Martha ...

2014-04-01 6:11 29,419 YouTube