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Zynq Ultrascale+ and Petalinux - part 1 - introduction

This video covers the topics i want to talk about in the new series of videos i am creating. the main target device will be xilinx zynq ultrascale+. target board will ...

2018-09-08 16:18 2,453 YouTube

Artix-7 Arty Base Project Part 3: PetaLinux

How to build PetaLinux for an Artix-7 Arty base project and then run it on hardware. We also verify the Arty's network connectivity by checking it's DHCP assigned ...

2017-11-15 9:40 3,641 YouTube

Zynq Ultrascale+ and Petalinux - part 2 - Software setup and JTAG connectivity (Linux Virtualbox)

In this video I go through the process of installing Xilinx Vivado and PetaLinux on a virtual machine which is running Ubuntu. I briefly talk about Xilinx SmartLynq ...

2018-09-16 50:23 2,591 YouTube

PetaLinux on Zynq PS GPIO SysFs

The project where I begin to use the GPIO stuff in Linux. It occurred to me, right after I posted the video, I probably could have left the descriptor that reads from ...

2016-07-20 7:45 1,524 YouTube

How to install PetaLinux 2014.2

2015-11-20 6:11 4,199 YouTube