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The Big Bang Theory - Jim Parsons on Spanking and Bazinga

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik talk about filming the infamous spanking scene in Episode 10 of this season; the cast and executive producers discuss the origins of "bazinga." ABOUT THE PALEY..

2014-09-22 6:3 1,215,886 YouTube

Girl Chat: Does Spanking Work?

How were you disciplined as a child? "The Real" ladies share their experiences during the Girl Chat. Watch to find out who got spankings, time outs and the good-ol' chancleta.

2016-12-08 8:26 834,105 YouTube

Blonde disciplinarian wants to give you a spanking

Blonde disciplinarian wants to give you a good hard spanking.

2017-08-11 0:5 4,299 YouTube

Mum and Dad get taught how to discipline children properly without spanking | Supernanny

Supernanny teaches this stressed family how to discipline their children without using violence. More alternatives to spanking here

2016-03-03 4:39 358,428 YouTube

Dr. Phil Shares Alternatives to Spanking

Dr. Phil talks to Nikio and Nedra, a couple with two sets of twins under age 4 who say they disagree on discipline. Dr. Phil shares his thoughts on spanking.

2010-01-06 2:17 15,192 YouTube

Shizuka's Spanking

Shizuka receives a nice spanking!

2017-11-10 01:02 21,819 Dailymotion

She Wrote the Book 46 spanking scene Nalgadas


2017-01-23 00:35 5,972 Dailymotion

Spanking at School Trailer


2017-01-29 01:04 2,384 Dailymotion

Ally McBeal (2000) M/f spanking with hairbrush

A woman with long blonde hair receives a surprise spanking from her boyfriend. She gets very upset by it....

2014-02-06 01:44 38,843 Dailymotion

Blogging - Spanking

Blogging - Spanking...

2015-06-01 06:25 2,274 Dailymotion