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Blonde disciplinarian wants to give you a spanking

Blonde disciplinarian wants to give you a good hard spanking.

2017-08-11 0:5 10,400 YouTube

Book#11 Chapter 10: I Had to Start Spanking!!😡| Black Friday Chores Timelapse| In love Again!

Hello Sun shines, welcome back to another chapter. Being a parent is for sure no easything. Enjoy and thanks so much for tuning into another vlog. New vlogs every Monday, Wednesday and Frida

2016-11-26 16:52 13,236 YouTube

Kelly Clarkson On Parenting Style: 'I Find Nothing Wrong With a Spanking'

Kelly Clarkson opened up about her parenting style, and we love her honesty! The 35-year-old singer said that's she's not above a spanking if it's necessary.

2018-01-04 1:21 46,679 YouTube

EunSiHae ~ Eunhyuk Spanking Donghae madly

credit: from ss2 beijing Lol,surely hyuk loves doing this =p.

2010-10-03 0:14 108,373 YouTube

Spanking productions ©

Spanking productions ©...

2016-04-13 00:08 10,026 Dailymotion

Woman betrayed, Spanking the "lovers" of boyfriend


2015-09-03 01:59 2,015 Dailymotion

Tender Dracula(1974) spanking scene

The mad scientists spanks a woman OTK in this French film scene from Tender Dracula....

2014-03-13 04:41 14,071 Dailymotion



2011-10-16 01:02 5,739 Dailymotion

G-Dragon gets a spanking in the Making of MichiGo

G-Dragon gets a spanking in the Making of MichiGo...

2016-10-10 01:19 148 Dailymotion